Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meatballs and Comfy Clothes

Pretty much the theme of my life right now. With it being winter months, even though we are in Charleston, the chilly air and quick to darker nights definitely put us in a little hibernation mode. Not to mention the growing belly I am having. While we love to go out and explore Charleston, the past few months we have had more cozy nights in and I am totally OK with that! Kyle and I are both more homebodies by nature so it does not take too much convincing for us to decide to cook dinner at home and pick out a movie to watch over going out. Although we have been making dates a priority lately as well - more on that later.

Kyle also happened to get a new flat screen TV for our living room for his 30th birthday - makes movie nights that much better! I joke and tell him we are just preparing for not going anywhere when the baby is initially born.

I got Giada's newest cookbook for Christmas, and I love love love it. There are so many recipes and every single one I've tried so far is great (and easy)! Our favorites have been her lasagna recipes, a farro salad recipe and her ricotta meatballs! It's crazy, I've made meatballs like two times in my life before this cookbook, mostly because we eat mostly vegetarian during the week. But once I made these, they have almost become a weekly staple.

They are the easiest things to make, are so full of flavor and are melt in your mouth. I also have substituted turkey instead of ground beef to make them a little healthier and they are still just as good. We usually eat them as the main course with a side salad, but one of these says I'll probably make them with spaghetti (Pregnancy cravings). I think what makes them extra delicious is the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg as well as adding some orzo to the recipe, which helps keep the meatballs extremely tender.

Just to ramp up the comfort level, I finally splurged on some Lou & Grey attire from the Loft (thankfully with some gift card money). I hate that it never goes on sale! But i will say I have not bought myself some stylish sweatpants and sweatshirts in a long time and it was well worth it! I feel like I live in these sweats now, and the tunic is cute enough to wear out with a night pair of jeans or pants. I wore it on our dinner date last week. I just wanted to share because I love both these pieces, and really, what's a cozy night in without a cozy outfit?

Lou & Grey Slimknit Pants  & Lou & Grey Cowl Tunic

How are you staying cozy for the winter? XoXo

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