Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Embracing all that is Fall

I love all that is summer and sun and beach..but I also have been in love with the fall for quite some time. It's a tough competition. Fall for me used to always be associated with soccer; Friday night games, weekend road trips, post-game tailgating, and having to start to wear sweatshirts and cozy work out gear. Obviously my soccer life has somewhat stopped (even though we have been playing a co-ed league this fall!) but fall almost always feels like a renewal period again. Even down in Charleston we have been starting to feel the crisp air! We've been having our windows open, burning cozy candles, slowing down a bit (at least trying), and cooking warm, fall seasonal fair.

We were able to make a trip back to New Jersey a few weekends ago, and October in New Jersey may even been better than October in Charleston. We had a whirlwind of a weekend, but were able to catch up at dinner with our best friends, go apple picking with my parents, spend a cozy night with a bonfire and a good meal for my Mom's birthday, and head to a end of season beach wedding with our closest high school friends. It was such a busy weekend but also felt so normal and refreshing at the same time. We love our new home but also miss our home town friends and it made us happy to see everyone again.


Since it's fall, I am pretty much loving everything pumpkin, squash or spiced related. I don't care if it's cliche, it is for reason because it's so good! I've been reading about the changes of seasons affecting our bodies and our transitioning diets as well. My friend also mentioned how her yoga friend was telling her about how to treat your body for the cooling weather and season transition. Fall is  the start of Vata season, which comes from cold, light, dry, clear and moving. As long as these qualities are in balance, you will stay healthy, creative and exuberant. All body types are vulnerable to Vata derangement during autumn and winter. Some tips to stay balanced during these months:

  • Eat foods that are warming -- as I said, winter squash, soups, pumpkin baked things or oatmeals have been a staple in my house
  • Drink lots of warming liquids like hot water and herbal teas
  • Wear more comfy clothing made of soft fabrics, covering your chest and neck (and i think transitioning to close covered shoes with cozy socks)
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest
  • I've also been trying to do more yoga and take more soaking baths.

I've been working a lot the past few weeks, but looking forward to this weekend when we will be doing a 5K to raise money for healthy food for Kyle's school, and then attending a Mac and Cheese festival (kind of opposites..haha). Looking forward to doing some things in Charleston! Hope you've been having a great fall! xoxo