Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August Rush..Literally

Whew, August was a whirlwind month. So many new changes occurred and we had so many visitors down in Charleston. We love having guests to our home. Having a guest bedroom was such a big thing for me, and I pinterest-ed and searched stores for details to make our place feel homey for those coming down. Being so far away from our home, when we have so many visitors, we don't even feel far at all. Except I would say the few weeks after people leave, does remind us that we are no longer a car drive away. 

This past August we hosted my close childhood friend and kids, my mom and godmother, Kyle's mom, and my college girlfriends down. It was a month filled of weekends off, lots of restaurants, water activities, beaching and downtown exploring. We had such a good time showing everyone around, cooking in our home and making fun memories.

Some yoga SUP!
Sandy with Luna

Dinner in Folly with the Cohen family. Adorable!
Best Friend is back and so happy to see her!
Some of my favorite times were taking Luna to the beach with the Grand-moms, paddling boarding (AND seeing a sea turtle up close in the wild for the first time), a southern cooking class, dinner nights in downtown Charleston, and catching up with my people. :)

Cooking class with my ladies

Lehigh loves!
Some of my friends down here think we have visitors every weekend, which is not actually true but we do have our visitors come in waves, and August was no exception. We also get asked if we take people to the same places. I usually try to show my friend and family what we love about Charleston- which is so much! We usually spend some time down in Folly Beach and some time downtown. I love paddle boarding and people coming down usually want to do something on the water, so I do feel like we do that a lot. I don't feel like we go to the same restaurants most of the time, because there are so many great places to try! We also usually try to do some new things that we don't get to do often either - like visit a plantation, brewery, or try a cooking class. There are usually special events that we try to attend to. Basically, we try to incorporate people in our lives down here and it works out that everyone has a great time!

Now that summer is winding down (although the weather doesn't feel like it is yet!) we are looking forward to a quieter fall - with football, lazy Sundays, farmers markets, and a lot of DIY's around the house. We are going back up to Jersey in October, which we are SO excited about. We're going to our good friend's wedding but also are planning on doing a lot of true fall activities like apple picking or heading to a pumpkin patch! Can't wait to see our Jersey friends again! XoXo