Saturday, August 22, 2015

Luna - Luney Tooney

Our family has grown by one -- a four legged pup! Luna joined our home at the end of June and we love her! Kyle and I had been talking for a while about getting/wanting a dog. Both of us grew up with dogs in our home and really always thought of ourselves as "dog people" before we got Tuck. It was just never a good time before now to get one of our own -- apartments that didn't allow pets, moving around, and too busy of work schedules. Once Kyle was off a couple of weeks this summer our dog talks became more and more frequent until we found ourselves at the local animal shelter.

Luna! Pretty new when we got her here :)
Luna is a golden retriever and black lab mix. We both never really pictured ourselves with a lab, but she's awesome! She is such a quick learner and literally lives to please us. She also hits the check box of all things we did want in a dog -- sweet, could eventually run with me, good with kids/people, and loves to swim.  One of our favorite things to do with her now is bring her to the beach, she loves it and is starting to really love the water!

Our sweet pup!

Beach day!
Charleston is such a dog community. Where we grew up, we had our dogs at home and would walk the around the neighborhood or play in the backyard. Down in Charleston, dogs come with you everywhere! We take her out to eat, to dog parks, to outdoor bars, downtown and the beach. I feel like we have our own social dog scene and it's so much fun.

Pet wars on a daily basis.

Bath time
Luna has brought a lot of smiles and happiness into our home. It's such a great feeling to be greeted at the door every day with a happy puppy waging the tail, no matter how your day was. We love her and love having everyone meeting her!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

California Dreamin'

So wow. It's been about 4 months since I've posted. What the heck happened?? A lot has happened I guess. First of all, it's summer time! Kyle is off of school, I'm now an upper level resident, and we have a puppy!! Throw in a lot of visitors, a lot of work, another set of boards and a vacation, and that's what's been going on with us.

I know it feels like we just took a vacation - because my Naples post was only a few back- but we felt like we needed another one. Let's be honest, usually once a month I'm dreaming of a vacation. I love my job and love where we live, but I'm such a wanderlust that I can't help but always dream of new trips and adventures together. We decided to go out to California because 1. Cali is awesome and who doesn't want to visit, and 2. my brother and sister-in-law just moved out there. Now that Kyle is a teacher, we basically have limited options (although not that limited) of when we can get away- re spring break and summer. Fine with me!

We went out to San Francisco for a full week. After a night of sleeping in JFK (yup, right on the floor), we were so excited to begin our West Coast adventures. This was probably the opposite of our Naples vacation, which included waking up, walking (or golf carting) to the beach, taking naps, afternoon cocktail, go out to dinner, sleep, repeat. While in Cali we had so much we wanted to see, we spent out days traveling, exploring, also afternoon cocktail-ing, and just overall on the go.

We spent the first two days in San Fran. It's such a beautiful city, surrounded by so much water. The temperature is rarely over 80 degrees and it's the perfect city to walk around and explore. We rented bikes and did a full day of biking and site seeing. We stopped several times for snacks, pictures, small hikes, and made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It's just so cool! Seeing the ocean on one side of the bridge and watching the fog literally roll in is pretty cool. It's also crazy how one minute you are hot wearing an tank top, and then next freezing and need a sweater! After seeing the bridge, we biked back down to the beach. After stopping for a much needed late lunch and drinks, we decided the 17 miles home would be a little much (we already biked 23!) and shoved our bikes in a cab. Such a great day!

The next several days we went up to wine country, particularly Sonoma, which was my planned and most anticipated part of the trip! We stayed in Petaluma and explored three of the Sonoma wineries one day, as well as downtown Sonoma - which is dreamy. The next day we went up the the Russian River Valley and did a few wineries up there before making out way to the Russian River Brewery (a dream for the guys). I will say I thought it may be hard to get up and drink wine for more than a few days in a row...but what I am I saying - it is NOT difficult to get up and drink wine every day in beautiful settings meeting awesome people. It's actually pretty easy.

The last part of our trip we drove the scenic route 1 highway down to Santa Cruz. The drive was so much fun in itself- driving around on the winding cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean..sigh. We even saw whales!! One of my favorite things was when we pulled over to just get out of the car and look at the stars - it was so dark with no one around, you could see SO much! Amazing. Santa Cruz itself was a dream. It's literally a town built around the ocean and surfing. Adults of all ages, kids, even dogs were out on their surfboards or walking around town in wetsuits. Amy dreams of living in a bungalow there one day and I hope she does so we can come visit. It was California living to a T!

We had such a great vacation, needed a few days to recover from all our adventures and jet lag. It made me realize though how much I miss my brother and Amy. We have such a good time together, I wish it could happen more often. Good thing we're lucky enough to have good jobs so we can fly to see each other, and we always have Skype!

Anyone else have any fun summer adventures? xoxo Our other (furry) summer adventure will be my next post!