Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Southern Romance..(+the flu)

Well we are back from our weekend away in Savannah. Both of us are home from work, sick with the flu. I'm actually surprised I have enough energy right now to sit at my desk and write this. What's ironic is that I've had so many patients with the flu over the past month and I never even caught so much as a sniffle, and then Kyle gets sick and we're both down for the count. I didn't start to feel sick until we were home on Sunday evening, but the poor hubby was sick since we pulled up to our hotel on Friday night, so basically for our entire trip.

Savannah is such a romantic city! I loved it there. We stayed at this adorable Bed and Breakfast, and the staff there was so amazing. Booking our rooms there a while back, I wasn't too sure of it's location in terms of how far the heart of the city was from it, but it was in a perfect location. What we realized very quickly is that Savannah is actually not that big and the blocks are very small, so it is very deceiving to look at a map versus walking around. Anywhere you want to go in the city is super accessible by foot. We didn't have to use our car once. :)

Friday night we got to the hotel around 8pm. It was a little drizzly out but we were very hungry and so walked to a street a few blocks from our hotel that was packed with restaurants and shops. We really weren't very picky about what we wanted for dinner, so after looking around for about 5 seconds we decided on this quaint, dimly lit, modern seafood place called Chive.  It was very cute, romantic, and the food was delicious. We were both very satisfied with our meals but had to get back to the hotel quickly because the Mr. was starting to go downhill quickly.

The following morning we had an amazing breakfast at the B&B, but Kyle wasn't looking too good. He needed some more time back in the room before he was able to venture out. So I took my big tourist camera and walked around the city in the early morning. It was a little misty and foggy at first in the morning. The streets were so quiet and the atmosphere with the old Spanish moss and giant southern oak trees gave the city such a beautiful feel! I really enjoyed just moseying about the city before it was awake for the day. I also discovered this amazing little shop called the Paris Market. It had some house things, some soaps, jewelery and a mini coffee and macaroon bar. Everything was old fashioned and Parisian and it was such a delight browsing this store, I was in love. And of course I had a little chai tea latte which was delicious!

Kyle was finally able to get out of bed (let's be honest, I kind of dragged him) and we went to get some lunch. We went to this little brunch place called Collins Corner. It was super cute, loved the atmosphere and decor. We were able to get a table for two outside, and enjoyed some brunch-y food while people watching. I also got a bloody mary, because why not. They also have an outdoor window for their coffees and teas. I didn't notice until after, but they had this espresso drink that had dark chocolate, espresso, and fresh sounded so amazing! And Savannah has no open container law, so I got a nice cider for walking the street after lunch- just because.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just walking around Savannah. Like it said, it is such a beautiful and romantic city. The history, architecture, and quiet streets are something that we could just get lost in walking around all day. I love that they have so many squares throughout the city. And around every corner you head the clip clapping of the horse drawn carriages. It was just so relaxing and blissful. We got some ice cream at the famous Leopolds to cap off our day.

Overall, some of out plans got canceled because of the flu, but we went away for a relaxing weekend and we got just that. I would definitely go back down to Savannah again for some more southern charm!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Books and Thoughts

So I finally finished The Goldfinch. I say finally because I got the book for Kyle as a one year anniversary gift (paper),  and I started reading it shortly after- so I started in September. haha. I will say, it is a very long book and I have been very busy. So when I get the chance to read, it's usually in bed and I make it about three pages before passing out.

That being said, I thought the writing in this book was superb, but overall this was not a page turner for me. I know people who have read this and have LOVED it, and while I didn't love it, I enjoyed reading it because of the writing. However, I didn't really love the story. It kind of was too dark and depressing for me. So much of the book is reflecting on Theo's sad events in the past. In reality though, it was very REAL, because anyone that went through an experience like that would probably have a similar troubled life.

I really liked the ending, talking about the painting and what it really meant to Theo. I thought that message was beautiful and made the whole story come around full circle. I don't know if I've ever had that feeling about a piece of art yet. It makes me want to branch out and visit some museums to try to appreciate people's work a little more.

Anyways, so now I'm ready to discuss what people thought of the book! And any recommendations for new reads??! After that, I think I need to change it up with something a little lighter. It is almost time for beach weather down here and some beach reads!

Have a great weekend, we're off to Savannah! XOXO