Friday, August 29, 2014

This whirlwind we call life.

It has been many moons since I sat down to do some writing. Things have changed for us,  A LOT. We're settled in Charleston and have been working hard and playing hard!  Since it's been a while,  I'd figure I'd give a list of fun facts about our new life in the South.

10 Random Facts/Thoughts About our Southern Living:

1. We love our new house!  Legit when we arrived with the moving truck I screamed when we got inside because I forgot how cool our new place was!

2. We now grill about 2-3 days a week and love doing it (well Kyle does). It makes dinner so easy and fresh.

3. Our cat is also loving our house and almost adapted immediately. To him,  more rooms to sleep in and bugs to find.

4. We love having a guest room and have hosted multiple guests down here already and we've only been here 2 months.

5. Kyle got his dream teaching job!!! And is now an amazing elementary school teacher. And this all happened in a few days right before the school year started. Craziness.

6. I've love my residency so far - it's long hours and hard work but I love my program and all my co-residents. So happy with my decision to come here.

7. We love to go to the beach and/or do water sports on our days off.  Which makes me super happy. I mean it's no Jersey Shore,  but who doesn't love being with dolphins.

8. I've missed my family a ton. I have definitely had days down here where I wished I could just drive over to my parents house. But they continue to come visit and it's exciting to show them new things!

9. Kyle and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in a few days. One year?? It feels like the wedding was both yesterday and years ago at the same time. We dream about Greece constantly...

10. Life is good down here!  New motto is "treat yoself" and "find your joy".

Hopefully I'll try to update more often!  I've missed writing and blogging and all that creative inspiration that comes along with it.  Happy labor day weekend y'all!