Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Maine Wedding

My big brother is marrying the love of his life this weekend in Maine, and I am over the moon excited! In contrast to our wedding in September, my brother and his fiance wanted a much smaller and quieter wedding, focusing on a long weekend getaway centered around good food and the beauty of Maine.


There are about 30 guests making the trek up the coast of Maine for the events, and we are all staying at a gorgeous B&B in Camden, Maine. They chose Maine as the site for their "destination" wedding because of the fond memories and history they both have there. When we were younger, my family would go camping in Maine as our vacation, mostly around Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It turns out Amy's family did the same, so they both have memories of growing up eating fresh lobsters at local shacks, diggings for mussels and shell fish in the waters at low tide, and just genuinely enjoying the clean air and beautiful forest filled parks that Maine has to offer.

Camden harbor.
Later in their relationship, they took several trips to Maine together, particularly Camden, and so when decided on the vibe and feel of a wedding they both came to the thoughts of Maine very quickly. 

This past fall, the hubs and I drove up to Maine for an interview, but ended up staying a few days to enjoy ourselves as well. It was his first time there, and my first trip in years and we both loved it so much. While I did rank the program I interviewed at, other programs just felt stronger for me, although we did agree if we ended up there we would have been happy as well.

I'm so excited to spend the whole weekend with my family, get to know Amy's family more, and just celebrate the beautiful relationship that the two of them have! One idea that they have been determined to have is to have a truck come after their ceremony with lobster rolls for all the guests and champagne to celebrate! 

Lobster rolls are one of my most favorite sandwiches ever created, and so in honor of Maine and everything lobster, I've found a few recipes that I think sound fab! (Although, the best I've ever had was at a little cafe in Nova Scotia, Canada!)

Cafe we stopped at for lunch while driving to Nova Scotia.
Lobster roll that was amazing!
I personally think the keys to a great lobster roll is the toasted and buttered bun, and not overdoing it with the dressing, letting the lobster meat speak for itself.

Drooling at my desk right now..

So I hope this inspires you to make some delicious lobster and get excited that summer (and lobster season) is just around the corner! And for those of you that know and love Friends like me, Kevin I think you picked it right:

"Because she's your lobster" <3


Sunday, May 11, 2014


What an absolutely gorgeous Mother's Day! A day for all the mom's out there should be this gorgeous, because mom's are the people that make this world a better place. I think one of the best things a person can do in this world is raise a kind-hearted, warm and caring person. So thank you to all the mom's out there who are striving to do just that!

My mom in particular is an amazing woman. She is always 100% about her kids. She supports us in everything that we do and always is doing special things for us. She is so selfless, fun and hard working. And I know I can thank her for my love of eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. She ingrained that in us from day one!

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, with a visit from my parents. We knocked off multiple things off our bucket list before we move, including dinner at this great italian place and drinks at an old inn in a beautiful park. Overall, it was just a really fun and chill day. We went to an early dinner at this fabulous BYOB that people have been telling us we needed to try, and started with a champagne toast on the patio while we waited for a table. We then proceeded to have a delicious and laid-back dinner with a few courses and a few bottle of wine. We capped off the night with a trip to our favorite ice cream place! When we all got home, we said we ate wayyy to much but we had such a good time.

I know every day that my mom is the greatest, but I think even so beginning to prep for our big move has made me realize more than ever just how much I still need her. I've been a Mama's-girl (is that really a thing?) my whole life, and the thought of being more than a few hours drive away does scare me a little. But it also makes me even that much more excited for our visits to see each other.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day and reminding their mom's just how amazing they are! XOXO

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Challenge Completed

So I finished my 21 day yoga challenge! I'm so glad I decided to do this, because although I love yoga, everyone knows how hard it can be sometimes to put exercise into your day, every single day.
So true! Why not choose something that will make you feel good!
I noticed a big difference in my thoughts and emotions during the past 21 days, mostly off the mat. Yoga forces you to be totally present with yourself and I think having that sacred time on the mat really allowed me to reflect and understand myself daily. Once I was able to process my own thoughts and be in that present state, it allowed me to have different perspective's on life's daily stresses. I wouldn't get as mad sitting in traffic, I stopped being angry over small things around the house, and I really looked for my yoga breath to help me stay present at times.

Making time for yoga in Boston.
One thing I've noticed over the past year, and even more so during this challenge, is that I love the final relaxation, savasana. When I first started yoga, this was almost torture for me; being still and keeping quiet for 5 am I suppose to do that for that long?!. But the more I started practicing yoga not only for exercise but for my mental health, the more I looked forward to the meditation and relaxation of savasana. In fact, in almost every class I find myself wishing the final relaxation was longer. Even more so in this challenge, and that is such a big jump for me.

I've actually enjoyed the meditation aspect so much, one of my new goals is to try to have 5 minutes of meditation daily. This is going to be very challenging for me, but I vow to find the time to do this, whether it be the first time when I wake up, at lunch time, or before I go to bed. I'm determined to take 5 tiny minutes out of my day to make space for a big change.

So I'm so glad I did this yoga challenge, as it taught me how to make even more room in my day for yoga daily. Whether it be a studio class, online class, or a self made flow to some great music, I am going to continue to try to add yoga to my day. Because it's now starting not only to feel as something I look forward to every day, but an essential part of my life.

It's all about perspective.
I'd love to hear of any of your yoga stories, and if you've done challenges before!