Friday, August 16, 2013

Best Bachelorette Ever.

My friends are amazing. Maybe hands down the best friends ever. My bridesmaids threw me my bachelorette party a few weekends ago, and I think I am still glowing from it. I have not hung out with all of my favorite girlfriends in one place, in a very, very long time and we had just an amazing weekend in OCMD.
I told my friends in general that I wanted to do a beach weekend away where we could just hang out, enjoy each others company, and go out and get a little wild. It was exactly that. :)

A few of us went down early Friday morning and took the ferry from NJ to Delaware to break up the ride. It was such a good idea, because we all got to get out of the car, relax, have some bloody mary's and watch dolphins. When we got to Delaware, it was then only a 45 minute drive to OC. Beats a 4-5 hour drive to me any day! It was raining when we checked into the hotel, so we decided to go for lunch and drinks at a bar near by. It was 2pm and probably filled with about 5 other bachelorette parties -- insane! It was like that the rest of the weekend, every where you turned there was another bachelorette party wearing ridiculous outfits and being crazy. In some ways I was like oh boy, but then it also made me think we must of picked a really fun spot!

On the ferry having our morning cocktails!

Cake pops Kerry and her sister made :)

Props for everyone!

Friday night consisted of going out to a fancy dinner with wine drinking and good conversation to be had by everyone. We really got to just enjoy our food and bond a little bit more. After dinner we just had to go downstairs to where the party was going on, and we all danced and partied until probably 2am. We were serious dance machines. So much fun and such good food and music!

Dinner with a view of the bay!

Saturday morning the girls surprised me with a nice little breakfast set up, and then I was just told to put on my bathing suit and sports clothes..I was a little confused of the combo, but we ended up going to a private stand up paddle board yoga class! How cool is that!!! I love going to yoga and I love love paddleboarding, even though I don't get to do it that much. It was crazy that they found a class that incorporated both and it was such a fun experience with everyone. It was a beautiful day out, and we all got to experience something new together; falling into the water during twists, yelling out random things on the board, laughing the entire time. I had such a blast and I love my friends for knowing me so well!

Amazing morning and activity!

loving life

After paddle boarding we went up to the beach for a few hours and just relaxed and hung out. Not something we all get to do with each other very often! The beach that day was perfect and the water was crazy warm, so we had a good time getting sun kissed and sandy before heading out to the infamous Seacrets bar for another crazy night.

Seacrets is like going to an amusement park for drinking. You have to walk through lines and ones of those metal wheel thingys to get in. There are about 16 different bars there, and all of them are very different. There was a reggae stage, a smaller stage for a band, bars on the sand, bars inside, a giant bouncy dance floor inside with a huge stage -it was crazy. I had been there before in college, and while I had a really good time there, it's just a little bit overwhelming and too much. I felt like Friday night we were more close knit and together so I ended up liking that a little more, even though I did have a blast on Saturday. People are just very very drunk at all times of day/night at secrets.
Dock at Secrets!

Jelly Fishing with Amy

I cannot say thank you enough to my friends for planning this for me! It's overwhelming to be the center of attention in your group of friends. I felt like they could not have known me better though, and we all could not have had a more fun time! Everyone got along great and it was a beautiful weekend. One that I will never forget!! THANK YOU!