Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Life without Love is like a Year without Summer"

One of my best friends got married June 22! She had an amazing destination wedding in Cancun, and she said it was everything she dreamed of and more. One really great thing that she said to me that I hadn't really thought of with destination weddings was that from the time they go there until then time they left, they were celebrating her wedding. So basically she had one big giant celebration for 10 days! That sounds so so fun, considering you wait for your big day for months, maybe even years, and it comes and goes in an instant. I was so happy for her, and she looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day and more importantly glowing from head to toe with pure joy!

I had a very hard time telling Jen than Kyle and I couldn't afford to come to her wedding. The big thing I wanted her to know was that if there was any possible way for us to make it there, we would have. It is such a HUGE day in her life, and I really do regret not being there by her side.

We both however, did small gestures to still make us feel like we were together. Kerry and I sent Jen letters on the morning of her wedding and had them delivered to her suite with breakfast and mimosas. She said the letters made her cry, and while that was not our goal of writing them, it was out goal to make her feel like we were 100% thinking about her that day and were with her in spirit. Jen and Erich then gave us a shout out after they tied the knot on a live-stream from Cancun. I was crying from the minute she walked down the aisle, so needless to say, I kind of lost it during the shout out. I think they overall message of this is that Jen and I both cherish our friendship with each other so much. Congratulations Jen & Erich, I could not be more happy for the both of you!!!

She looks so stunning and they both are beaming!!

Beautiful wedding- love the bridesmaids colors.