Sunday, June 23, 2013

Showered with Love (More like Down-Poured!)

A few weeks ago was my wedding shower! It wasn't a total "surprise" for me, as I basically helped pick out the date so I could make sure it fit in with my boards prep schedule and I would enjoy the day stress free (can I tell you how much I cannot wait until I can stop taking exams!!!). Anyways, so I knew about the date, but not really other details until my mom slipped up a few times. I was very excited to have it as my godparents house, as I knew if it was a nice day, we could be outside on the deck and enjoy the sunshine, allowing everyone to mix and mingle. The shower was absolutely amazing! It really was exactly what I would picture for me. Sangria on the deck, delicious foods, no pressure to sit at a certain table, allowing everyone to mix and mingle indoors and out. It was such a lovely day.

My mom and godmother really went over the top. My mom is so organized and a great party planner, and she did not hold back for this one. They picked out such great food and all the little details from the hydrangeas on the tables, to the "soon to be Mrs sign" were so cute (which is now hanging in our living room haha). My favorite thing was watching my mom run to wait by the door when guests were leaving so she could say good bye and give our her favors- she's amazing! My bridesmaids too really went over the top. They picked out a group gift for us, and were able to get us all of our dishes and flatware, which is amazing! They also came up with some great games and entertainment. They asked Kyle questions, and filmed his response prior to the shower. At the shower they asked me the same questions and I had to guess what Kyle would say, and then they played back his response. It was super fun and cute, and made me feel like Kyle was there as well. They also make me this amazing book of all our memories throughout the years, with empty pages to fill with the wedding memories. Love them all!

Beautiful cake made by my future brother-in-law!

Amazing cupcakes - salted caramel is my fav.

beautiful arrangements

love it!

Wine wishing well with a sign made by my bridesmaid!

yes please!
I never realized how overwhelming it could feel to have an entire party thrown to give you gifts and love in preparation for your marriage. I've obviously had parties in my honor- graduation, birthdays, etc, but this somehow felt completely different. I guess because at those kind of parties, you aren't sitting in a room having ~60 woman watch you open gifts! The other parties also involved kegs of beer, the pool or BBQs. This felt much more "sophisticated", especially having some relatives there that I don't see too often and I want to make a good impression with. I never imagined that I would receive so man gifts! We seriously got everything we could wish or ask for and more. People are so generous and it really made me feel super loved. Although we now feel like we just outgrew our apartment haha! Getting so much amazing things for the future definitely makes you start thinking about a house..One step at a time I suppose! We cannot wait to see all the joy that the rest of the summer will bring and for our September day! XoXo

Bridesmaids! (minus one)

One of my personal gifts that was amazing!

The lovely hostesses! (even though they never can keep their eyes open lol

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nacho Average Bachelorette

So last weekend I had such an amazing time at my great friend Jen's shower and bachelorette party. It's been almost 2 maybe 3? (yikes) years since I have been to a bachelorette party, and I forgot just how much fun they are. I knew it would be a fun night, but really whenever you have a weekend with just your close girlfriends, cracking up at everything, reminiscing about past things, and just genuinely being silly and goofy -- it just uplifts your spirits more than you realize. With our busy and hectic lives going on and people not living in the same city, it's so hard to see some of your friends. Weekends like this past one, really emphasize for me the importance of continuing to make the effort to stay in touch with you friends, and to soak up all those moments when you are together. While we are all happy in our lives and doing great things, sometimes I do get a little nostalgic about not living a few houses away and being able to just pop in about anything. My girlfriends are the best!

Bride to be, rocking the sombrero!

pre-bar crawl

The future Mr. and Mrs!

Jen's shower and bachelorette party had the BEST theme. Since she is getting married in Mexico, the theme carried through her pre-wedding celebrations. Her shower had amazing Mexican food, decorations and margaritas. Her bachelorette party started with amazing props consisting of mustaches, sombreros, ponchos, and maracas -- which were to much fun to wear while we did a bike bar crawl. It was such a great idea for a big group (30) to all have on these different neon outfits that seemed to fit together. We definitely had a great night! I have never been on a bar crawl where we actually hit 9 bars, but somehow we managed to do that. I really think we need to make this a tradition! Beach Cruisers  + Bars + Best Friends = one amazing weekend! Congratulations again Fetty!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You're Invited..

Sh*t just got real. I know I keep saying that or feeling like that, but I just ordered our wedding invitations yesterday! Now those details we have been gawking over for the past few years have officially been written down on paper (and they are looking very pretty I might add). I really did not have a care in the world about invitations, but I obviously still wanted them to look nice and be reflective of us without breaking the bank. I can't even believe how much some invitations can cost.

This is probably the coolest invitation ever..
Pretty but probably cost and arm and a leg..
Probably cost a ton with all that letterpressing...

This is awesome. And also its from etsy so may be reasonably priced

I also can't believe how many decisions there are to make regarding invitations. I knew I would have to search through which colors or pattern of invitations we wanted, but there is so much more details than even that. To start, I had ordered several samples from a few different online sites. Most places will send you at least 5 samples of your choice for no cost. It really is the best way to go, because I found that the ones I thought were great looking online, didn't look so great in person. When going through the samples, Kyle and I would make a yes, no, maybe pile of the ones we each liked. We literally had the same ones in the same pile and ended up picking the same favorite. So picking our invitations was obviously very easy.

Then came the silly details that I had no idea about, such as what was "formal" or what you're "suppose to do" for invitations. While we haven't been having the "this is what we're suppose to do" mentally for the rest of the wedding planning, for some reason having the invitation scream wedding invite and not just another party invite seemed appropriate. So we had the decisions to make of, rounded or squared cards, folded or flat, rectangle, square or long ways. Do you want lined enveloped, doubled envelopes, return address printed, how do you want the wording,etc, etc, etc. How many decisions can you possibly make?? This was one of those wedding things where I wish someone just made a product, showed it to me, and I could give it the ok, go approval. Needless to say, trying to do all these little details and spelling things correctly all while getting my order in before midnight and the big sale ended (25% off people!), made this feel a little crazy. But they are ordered! (And I kind of love them).

Really cool vineyard wedding invites

Awesome idea, sorry friends- you are not getting a bottle of wine with the invitation :/

simple and very cute

We found invitations that actually went with our colors and the vineyard theme. They are simple yet very pretty and romantic. Perfect for what we are going for. Now who wants to come over and help me address them all??  Less than 3 months!