Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Girls.

"My best friends are the ones who bring out the best in me."

Dresses for my maids. I was back and forth between having the girls wear different styles same color, same style different shades of colors, short, long, etc. I even wrote in a previous blog that I have changed my colors from the "sea glass" to purples with green accents. I really did want to try to pull off the different colors different styles dresses that have seemed to be very popular lately, but really wasn't sure how to get that look in purples. I think I would have tried and it would have looked like a color panel at a paint store rather than a smooth, effortless look.

I decided to let my girls have a say in the dress that they will be purchasing and wearing, and am letting them pick the style that they want. I picked the designer, color, and material. It gave them an option of about 30 different dresses to choose from and some at different prices. All the girls will be wearing a plum purple color that really just made me happy, feel like 'me', and went with a vineyard wedding. I think the color was finalized for me when Amy tried on a dress next to me in my wedding dress. The purple next to my dress just popped and gave it a personal touch. (Purple has always been my favorite color.) Here are some examples of the dresses- they are all going to look amazing!!

And obviously way more important that what dresses they will be wearing is who my bridesmaids are!! I am so happy that these 7 amazing girls woman will be with me on my wedding day. I couldn't imagine the day without sharing it with them and having them by my side. They are some of the best people I have ever met and I am so proud to call them my best friends. In no particular order, here are my ladiessss:

Lora Cohen

Oldest friend of mine :) (In terms of how long we have been friends, not age) Lora and I have been best friends since Cedar Grove days and The Cosmos. We went through all the firsts in life together and have some ridiculous childhood stories. We probably consider each others family, family. She still is always someone I can count on through thick and thin. She is now an amazing wife and mother to her baby girl! Love you Lora!!

                                                                                                          Jennifer Fetsick
Jen might be one of the nicest people I know. We met through Lehigh Soccer and grew extremely close over our 4 years there, especially after studying abroad in Australia together. She probably knows/has witnessed me at my craziest and most embarrassing moments and we always have so much fun together. Her family is enormous, and they always know how to have a good time! We both share a passion for the beach/summer and family, and I know she is my friend for life. Love you Fetsick!

Mary Kate "Katie" Gallagher

Katie is my steadfast friend through the past 10+ years. We met in high school during school lunch, and have gone through everything from proms, jobs, summer days, loved ones passing, excitements and celebrations together. We share a love for the beach, ice cream, wine and singing/dancing (even though she is actually really good and I'm terrible). She is one of the most generous and warm-loving people I know. Katie always makes you feel welcomed and comfortable, no matter who you are! (it doesn't help that she could talk to anyone about anything for hours). We have grown even closer the past few years and I know she will be in my life forever. Andd she is marrying Kenny, one of Kyle's groomsmen so soon!


                                                                                   Amy Gartman
Amy is my fun and free-spirited friend! Although she is dating my brother, I feel like we would be great friends anyway and I'm so glad we met! She always is doing fun crafts, swimming, or just loving nature and the ocean. We both share a love for everything ocean/beach related and sea turtles! One of my favorite months in the past few years was the one I spent with her down in Delaware. We got to do outdoor yoga, bike ride, paddle board, kayak and make Mexico for dinner all the time! I always have so much fun with Amy because she is up for anything. I am so so glad to have her be a part of our big day and cannot wait for more adventures together!

 Ashley Lockwood
Obviously I have known Ashley the longest out of anyone! She has gone from my baby sister who I used to boss around when we were younger, carrying her in the pool pretending to be my baby, to this grown up version of herself conquering NYC and the fashion industry! We share a love for Tuck, wine and obviously our family. We don't always see eye to eye (like most sisters), but we are always there for each other and share some unique and special memories together! I can't wait until she gets her own apartment and I can visit her in the city!

                                                                                                   Kerry McLaughlin
Kerry is the definition of "work hard, play hard". We met on the very first day of college (soccer preseason for us) and really have been best friends ever since. She is one of the smartest people I know (Dr. Vet!) with the biggest work ethic, and also knows how to have the most fun. Kerry and I have been through so many life experiences together and I think we push each other to be a little bigger and crazier each time around. She can make me laugh over absolutely nothing and everything at the same time, and I know she always has my back! People have even called us "the same person". Our dream goal "when we grow up" is to live on the same street as each other near the beach! Love you Ker!

Kerry O'Donnell

Kerry is one of the most loyal friend I've ever met.  She has always been there for me through thick and thin (even sleeping on my floor the night before college). "Shanno" and "Kerra" met during freshman year indoor track (high school) and quickly bonded for life. If I need to do something ridiculous and have fun, and I know I can always call up Kerry. We have a lot of traditions including our annual Christmas tree cake making in ugly sweaters, dancing with life vests on the water taxi, backyard dance parties and going to summer concerts. Kerry is almost always in a good mood and is one of the people who makes me laugh the most. Sometimes I feel like we talk in code to each other! I am so happy to have Kerra with me on my wedding day!

So these are the closest women in my life. Am I a lucky gal or what?? Cannot wait to see how pretty all of you girls are going to look!! 3 months <3

Friday, May 24, 2013

Graduation Extravaganza!

This May has been a whirlwind of graduation celebrations!! I just wanted to say how proud I am of my wonderful fiance, for completing his student teacher and senior field requirements! Technically, he has one more class for a few weeks this summer and then he is a officially a college grad, but I really wanted to celebrate his accomplishments after he finished his student teaching. I threw a surprise dinner for him with our close friends at one of our favorite restaurants. He deserved some recognition! He had such an amazing 2nd half of the year with his students and he really established quite a bond with most of his students. I know they will miss him just as much as he will them. He is going to be amazing teacher with his own class VERY soon. :)
  My sister also walked in her graduation from FIT this past week. She graduated this past December officially and has already been working full time at Macy's corporation, but it was a very big moment to actually walk at graduation in her cap and gown. She has worked very hard and found something she loves and is good at - FASHION! So a big congratulations to her! We went to the highland park after her ceremony and then had a nice dinner with the family. The weather was crazy but it was beautiful out right after the ceremony and we were able to get some really great pictures to remember the day!
   My bridesmaid Amy, also just completed her PhD in chemical oceanography. What a smart cookie! So she is now Dr. Amy!!! She has worked for about 5 years towards this degree and while has loved living on the Delaware coast, her and my brother have had to work out a long distance relationship. I am so excited for her and her accomplishments and for the two of them to finally live in the same city!! Yay!
   And lastly, although I'm not graduating, I just officially entered the 4th and final year of medical school. How unreal is that. Although it's been a long and tiresome journey, I do feel like it was a few months ago that I started. I hope this year brings a lot of clarity, fun, and fulfillment!

2013 will definitely be a big year for things in our family!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Be Thankful.

"Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough"  -- Oprah

We just took a trip out to the winery for Mother's day. My mom hasn't been there in over a year, when we decided we wanted to have the wedding there. We went to do a wine tasting and to just enjoy the live music and sunshine of the beautiful Mother's day. We were able to pick out some of our favorite wines so we can make a selection for the wedding day, and then we just bought a bottle and sat outside with some cheese and crackers (sometimes, I really think there is nothing better). There were so many people at the winery; kids running around in the fields playing baseball, people dancing to live music, lots of laughter and pictures. It was a gorgeous day at the vineyard. The thing we could not stop saying was that we can't believe in September, the whole place will be ours for the day! We felt like superstars or VIPs. How lucky!

There have been so many things going on lately, and so many more decisions to make. I think that this day trip was just what we needed to feel grateful and satisfied. If we always look for more or for what else we can get, there will always be something. There will always be more money to make, more things to buy, more things to add to weddings. When will enough feel like enough? It we just slow down sometimes and look around us to see everything we already have, we will always feel grateful and be satisfied. That philosophy is a great way to live your life and especially a great way to live on Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day !! xoxo