Sunday, April 21, 2013

I keep my eyes fixed on the SUN :)

Spring has sprung! It took long enough this year though, didn't it? Some years March is a wonderful month, getting very warm and melting away our winter blues and hibernation. This year March was not so much fun. I felt like every time I thought it was getting warm, the next day would snow or just be plain freezing. Not really a nice warm welcome into spring or good for my running training. For some reason 32 degrees in March felt bitter cold compared to the same day in January.

Anyways, I am so excited for the warm weather to be back! And with spring, love is in the air, as well as the start of wedding season! The crazy thing is that this time, it is MY wedding season!! The spring and summer is bringing a whole new level of excitement and fun. I really cannot believe that all these exciting events and days are coming up- between the wedding shower, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and finally our big weekend affair, this summer is going to go down in the books as one of the best! Plus, after all our our summer partying is over, we will be heading off to Greece! My life feels so surreal right now. The only bummer side is that I have two more board exams to get through before these festivities start. But I think I can manage knowing what is on the other side.

Besides it being my and Kyle's wedding season, it is also two of my best friend's wedding seasons! My friend from college is getting married in June (so soon!) in Cancun, and two of my and Kyle's best friends from high school are getting married in October. Yes, they are both in our wedding, and we are both in theirs. haha. I think we are really lucky to have such close friends for a long time. We have gone through so many aspects of life and growing up with them, and we will just continue to do so throughout the rest of our lives.

So cheers to our wedding season!! The smiles, tears of joy, laughter, overwhelming, stressful (but in a good way), blissful, surreal, happy, momentous times!


"You don't want to get rid of your experiences, 
because they're your experiences-- good or bad --and you need them"

There will be video, people. haha. Kyle and I decided to book a videographer. One of my best friends is also planning her wedding right now, and found this really personable and talented videographer in our area that just so happened to also be very reasonably priced - such a rare combo! Sadly, after we contacted her about our wedding date, she told us she was just finishing making a contract for our date with another couple. However, she did give us some other recommendations.

After looking through some of her recommendations, we came across one that was really unique and fun. Her name is Chelsie and her company is called Dependent on the Winds. (so cute, right?) She started out as a photographer and still does mostly photography work, but is started to get into videography as well. We looked at a sample of the video she made on her website and really loved it. What we liked was how authentic and old-fashioned the video looked, and how she really captured emotion in her work. Kyle said it made him think if this Cee Lo video, which we both absolutely love! I love that she is a true artist, and not a cookie cutter videographer person. So after talking with her, we ended up getting a full day coverage from getting ready to the reception for a great price. We are going to have to cut back some of our spending in other places, but we will make it work!

We both just just want to capture this day in every way possible. We especially were drawn to videography just so that we can have the people in our lives captured in film. You never know what tomorrow will bring, and we just want to have these amazing memories of our loved ones and of our special moments. Having a video of the day will also allow us to later see moments that we may have missed because of everything that is going on. Plus, we really want our vows on film because we will both probably be so nervous  that we want to actually remember what we say.

Another thing we can check off our list, and another day closer to seeing all of our planning and hard work come together for us! <3

Click here for a Vimeo link  <----video clip of one of her films. super cute!