Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's all about the journey..

I have been extremely inspired and motivated this past month. I think it has to do with the rotation I am on. I am doing a osteopathic manipulation medicine rotation, and the "office" I am at has opened up my eyes to a whole new way of medicine. I use the term office in quotes, because the center I am at really doesn't feel so office-y. It more feels like a calm and serene place with a spa like quality. I mean really..when you are sick and vulnerable, don't you want to be in a more calming and soothing place instead of a place that feels stiff and unfriendly? I know I really do. I have been to some doctors offices that do feel like this, but I would say the majority are the latter.

Anyways, this rotation really has been a holistic, mind body and spirit approach to medicine. We treat people for 30-60 minutes, which allows us to really talk to them and get to know them. I find that I am more calm and acting like myself, because we have the time to talk about their health as well as there life and lifestyle, and really make a connection with someone. This is how I always thought osteopathic medical school would be like. I understand the need to learn how to treat diseases with medications, how to heal cuts and wounds, and how to perform surgeries. But I also now realize the importance of making a person feel better using your hands, your speech and your knowledge. I have seen so many patients come through the last two weeks and feel better than when they arrived. That is an amazing gift to give someone. My goal heading into the future is not to forget these skills I have learned, and really look at patients with a different perspective.

I feel like I was meant to be at this rotation this month because this whole year has been a journey of discovery. I have been constantly asked and figuring out: what kind of doctor I want to be, what I am interested in, what type of hospital I want to work in, what community setting, what types of people do I want to surround myself with. Although overwhelming, I do feel like if I just take a step back and listen to my inner voice, it's leading me down the right path. If I stop thinking and trying so hard and just BE and DO, things are going to fall in the right place for me (and for Kyle for that matter).

I have also had this type of approach to the wedding process lately. Hitting the 6 month mark really brought on some anxiety and worrisome about whether or not we would have everything finished in time, or whether or not we are on "schedule". Instead of all this thinking and trying and analyzing, I am just going to let the journey take over and just be and do. For example, the past few months I was a little worried about our caterer and food selection we would be able to have. When we finally sat down and met with them (instead of me just thinking thoughts in my head), we realized how flexible and amazing they are with helping us get exactly what we want. Now I am over the moon excited about our food we are having, and really feel like it's reflective of Kyle and me.

Overall, this entire process is not about the wedding. It is about the marriage, and the journey that we take to get there and the journey the both of us will be on for the rest of our lives. Over this wedding planning journey so far I really feel like we have learned more about each other than before. We have talked about some important things that we really didn't bring up too much previously. We are continuing to grow with each other, and have accomplished some amazing things. I am so privileged to be able to call Kyle my husband soon, and I can't wait to BE and DO with him and to continue on our journey.

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