Thursday, January 17, 2013

Read All About It!!

My brother has always loved computers and graphic design. Always. When I was little, and "paint" application on the computer was a cool place to go and draw scribbles on the page and write hearts and i love you's, my brother would draw Garfield comic strips that looked like it was a hand made professional drawing. We used to take art classes out of an art teachers basement, and he used to make very detailed little paintings of flowers in vases and beaches. I used to go just to tag along with my big brother and the woman gave out cookies. Have you ever taken a computer coding class? I have, and it's like reading matrix jibber jabber. I would send him my college homework because I would spend hours on a code and it wasn't working right. He would look at it and send it back within 5 minutes saying "you missed a semi-colon right here'. It was crazy. Kevin had no problem staying an artist when he grew up. He found what he loved and was good at, and now he works at a job that he loves and is good at. He gets to be creative and use his design and computer skills to design websites, create iphone apps and do so much more. And when I say skills, I mean skills.

So when I told him I was making a wedding website, he basically laughed at the ones I liked and told me he could build one exactly how I wanted and do it better. So, obviously Kyle and I said fine. This is his finished product:

Our Wedding Website

He came up with the outline and layout, I worked with him choosing pictures and picking out fonts and colors. I would say it was a pretty amazing job. And now we own this url, so it's like having a wedding memory for us for a long time. Thank you so much, Kevin!! You are the best brother!

Enjoy xoxo

Monday, January 7, 2013

There's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair

We are going to meet with our florist in a week, and I am excited to show her all the pictures of wedding flowers that I have been recently been saving. Although this is not as high on our list of wedding priorities, I think that flowers really pull everything together and make the day even more special. I mean flowers are just bright and happy and smell good, and I love whenever we have them on the kitchen table or when spring rolls around. I think it is a little crazy though, to spend a lot of money on the wedding flowers because they die. In like a day. Some people have huge huge centerpieces of all flowers and while that is good for show, it just doesn't really make sense to me or Kyle. Still though, I want to have a pretty good bouquet for myself and some type of flowers at our ceremony.

I was also wondering, when did having flowers at weddings start and when did it become the norm to have excess amounts? Haha this is what wikianswers told me:

"It dates back to medieval times when people didn't bathe. The flowers were used to cover the scent of the bride, who probably was pretty rank! Thus, its tradition for the bride to carry flowers."

Well then.. hopefully no stanky brides in this wedding!

We probably would have gotten the flowers from Whole Foods and made the arrangements ourselves, if it weren't for a family friend of the Long's who is a florist. Whole Foods has some pretty amazing flowers and most are local. They also sell them at a fair price. But since I've never even made arrangements and probably won't have time to make them, we are very lucky to use a florist friend in Red Bank. I am excited to just give her my ideas and images and see what she can create for us! Here are some of the flower images I have been loving:
I definitely want purple accents to go with our colors.

I also really love the natural look and lots of greens.

I like how this looks fresh picked and I like the wrappings.

I am not an all white flower girl, love the muted colors.

just gorgeous

I am probably, definitely never going to buy this many flowers at once or these large of bouquets, so I am excited to see what she will come up with and can't wait to smell their beauty in September.