Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wedding Colors

Well we still don't have a ceremony site picked out yet, and it's starting to stress me out a little bit but I am trying to stay focused on the meaning of the whole day. I just want things to be smooth and stress free the day of the wedding so we can enjoy all the little moments of the day. I'm sure things will all work out!

On another note, I think I have finally settled on wedding colors and it is a completely different direction than what I was thinking. I originally wanted sea glass to be the color scheme for the wedding; all the bridesmaids would wear different shades of blues and greens while the groomsmen wore grey suits. While I am still sticking to the grey suit theme (and Kyle is happy with it too!), I am changing the other colors. My entire life my favorite color has been purple. While I do feel like purple has become more and more popular with weddings, it still makes me really happy when I see purple things! Since I have picked out and purchased my dress, I also really think purple is a much more romantic color and goes with my dress better. Some people say they get the dress and then everything falls into place, I really do feel like it is such a focal point for the wedding feel. :)

Kyle's favorite color is green, which I love because he also has these amazing green eyes. <3 So when we initially talked about colors/things etc we had said it would be awesome to incorporate both of our favorite colors into the wedding colors. Well, we are back at square one, because that is what we are now doing again. I had started to use those colors when we first asked our bridal party to be part of the wedding...

Purple will be the main color with green accents. I also think it fits very well with our vineyard wedding location too!

Now, I just have to decide on if I want shades of purple or just one color for the bridesmaid dresses. I am actually leaning more towards same color, different dress for the girls. And i think the purple shade I like the most is lilac. I like the greyish purple shade, rather than bright. Although, I still do like a darker shade as well. I think i need to see some colors/dresses in person to decide. Here are some ideas:
Although this is darker, I really like this shade.

Obviously not this dress, but LOVE this color.

I like the mismatch/shades of purple look here.

Similar to the look, but no bow ties

Not this dress, but like this shade.
I love that it feels like some pieces are really coming together. Now, if only it was a little sooner! I don't know if I can wait 10 more months!!

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