Monday, August 20, 2012

Said YES to the Dress!!

I got my wedding dress!!! Holy cow do I love it. It really is the fantasize over, have dreams about your wedding day, drop dead gorgeous dress I have been searching for! I love it so so much, I know that on our wedding day I am never going to want to get changed! haha. It was a little bit of a "journey" if you will, to find this perfect dress, but I am so glad I went with my gut and continued to look until I found it.

I did the whole Kleinfeld's thing with a group of my friends + mom + godmother + sister. It really was such a fun day in NYC, and I did leave thinking I had possibly found my dress. I tried on some beautiful gowns that day, cried in one of them, had my mom cry for another one - but still left feeling good but not officially done. I think the key word when I left was I "possibly" found my wedding dress. I did find a dress that got me emotional, but I think it was more from the entire experience, and me finding a dress I loved than from it being "the one". I also went to David's Bridal that day, which is a nice store but a huge mistake to go from Kleinfeld's to David's Bridal -- totally not comparable.

In front of Kleinfeld's with my mom and godmother.

wine day after shopping!

A few weekends later I brought my grandmother (who is paying for my dress <3), my friend, and my future mother-in-law to Red Bank to try on some more dresses. At this time I had gone to a place in Cherry Hill that carried the dress I saw at Kleinfeld's, again I tried it on there an loved it, but still didn't buy it yet. So in Red Bank, I tried on a whole new slew of dresses, which was for what I initially thought just showing my Grandma some styles. I ended up really loving a dress there and cried AGAIN, and this time i think it was because my Grandma was there and this dress was much more of what I had pictured myself in. Again though, I left saying I think this is the one, but i have to think about it. (What was really cool was we went to the place where my mom bought her wedding dress- they had some breathtaking gowns there, but were way out of my price range.)

The more I "thought" about these two dresses that got me emotional, the more I was thinking something was missing for me, and that if I stopped and picked one I would feel almost settling. I know in each of these gowns I would have looked beautiful, but it still wasn't my dream dress. I started to think I was going crazy and that I needed to just pick one.

Then...last weekend it was rainy out, so I asked my mom if she just wanted to go to a local bridal salon to see what they had there. That morning I was talking with my friend and telling her how I wanted to try on more gowns because I wanted to not be able to leave the store without my dress- that's truthfully the feeling I thought I should have. That isn't wierd for me because I usually know exactly what I want and am very sure of my decisions. While driving to the store with my mom I was telling her about what I think I really wanted - which pulled bits and pieces of each of the dresses I loved into one. The store we went to was low key and very open to things. They had a lot of the exact styles I was looking for, and when I put on what would be my gown for the first time, I just knew it was it. I loved every single detail about the dress - the front, the back, the train, the cut, the fit. It seriously was the exact gown I had described to my mom on the way over and it was what I had been picturing for my wedding the entire time. Of course I cried again (such a sap!) but this time I knew for sure. I was like, take my measurements, put down the payment, I am DONE! I had no regrets, no doubts, and for the past 3 days I can't stop daydreaming about my dress!! (I really never thought I would be this girly/obsessed over it)

So it really was a little journey of it's own. With all the women in my life and a ton of gowns later, I narrowed it down to be able to dream up the exact gown I wanted, and I ended up finding it! It was funny that at the end, it ended up just being me and my mom, which is what I really thought would be the way I found my gown. It was a really great "wedding" experience, and I am so happy. :)

Thank You Grandma!!