Monday, July 30, 2012

The perfect ceremony site..cross your fingers!

I think the only thing I have ever know about my wedding before I even met Kyle was that I would most likely get married on the beach. I just think having a wedding barefoot on the sand is so romantic and so me. I love the beach more than any other place on the planet. Growing up on the Jersey Shore, I couldn't wait for long summer days spent on the beach with my mom and siblings. I have such fond memories of staying late past the lifeguards on days when low tide was 7pm, collecting shells and sea glass all summer, digging for horseshoe crabs, and just playing games up on the sand all day long. It is my happy place. That is the main reason I want to get married there, I want one of the happiest days of my life to be at my happy place.
The problem that comes with getting married on the beach in our hometown, is that all beaches are public access. Which means we could be having our ceremony in a crowd of strangers in their bathing suits- we just can't predict how the day will go. I am almost willing to be ok with that, because I feel like people will have some decency if we set up chairs and an "alter" to stay a little bit away. But that is now our plan B because..

The other day Kyle and I were at breakfast over on the island. We saw this park on the bay that had this beautiful gazebo. It was right on the water, had a boardwalk walkway leading up to it (the aisle) and was very well kept- beautiful lawn, ocean grass and flowers, etc. It was almost perfect for what we wanted; we could get that privacy of a ceremony while still having a very beachy vibe and being 1 block from the beach. Plus at the time we wanted to get married, the sun will be starting to set on the bay in the backdrop. They even had electrical outlets (which is needed for our music- another potential problem with being directly on the beach). We were so excited when we found out you could rent it for 2 hours at a time. The only big bummer we found out when we called the boro was that they have a band playing every Sunday at 7pm and so only rent the gazebo on Sundays day 1-3pm. :( This does not really work for us because our reception is at 7pm, giving our guests a HUGE gap in between events. So, we are calling people to see what we can do and are even willing to bribe ($$!). We just need to at least get married 3pm or later. (what kind of band needs 4 hours to set up anyway) Cross your fingers for this beautiful spot for us!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

To Videotape or Not??

I'll be honest, the first thing we cut from our list when we made our budget was the videographer. I think that pictures were more important to have and would be seen more than a video, so when we had to choose, we choose an amazing photographer. However, there was always a part of me hoping that the money for a videographer would just magically come up somewhere.
     I am a hopeless romantic, and know that if we got a videographer, we would most definately watch the video at least every year on our anniversary. And how cool would it be to actual show footage of the day to our children?? I would love to have seen my parents wedding video. (they just did pictures as well). The problem is that a lot of the videographers that I ever came across   were charging the same prize as a photo package - up to 5-6K! It is crazy in general how much nice quality things for weddings cost!
    The other day though, I was looking through the usually blogs and came across a video that was super cute, not over the top, but definitely captured the big moments of the day in a beautiful and professional way. When I looked through the website, I saw it was very easy to custom make packages based on what you wanted. This seemed perfect, because we just want a simple yet beautifully captured video. Nothing too fancy, nothing too long. I emailed the company and they had our date available and will call to chat soon, and they only cost around $2,000! Hopefully we can figure some things out and squeeze this into our budget. (Goodbye fancy flowers and expensive stationary- who cares about that stuff anyway).
    So I am crossing my fingers that it will work out- and if not, I know that we can still get someone to capture our day even if it's a home video haha. (sometimes those are the best kinds anyways)