Monday, April 16, 2012


I LOVE CUPCAKES. But seriously, I do. The weird thing is that I don't really like/enjoy eating cake. I know they are basically the same thing, but there is something about having a bite sized treat that is fantastic. I think the icing to cake ratio has something to do with it being amazing. Plus they look super cute and people seem to be a lot more experimental with cupcakes -- I have literally had some crazy kinds! My favorites so far are red velvets, any combo of peanut butter and chocolate, and this fabulous dark chocolate with a hard shell I had the other day. Nom nom nom. I have also had goldfish cupcakes (weird but good!) and some other crazy ganouche.

Pretty much every city I visit, I flock to their cupcake stores to sample some. One of my favorite places is in NYC called Butter Lane in the East Village- the chocolate PB there is kick butt!. Kyle and I made a trip to DC a few weeks ago and I got to try the famous Georgetown cupcakes. I love the show but was a little skeptical whether or not they would live up to their hype...they nailed it! I got a vanilla bourbon cupcake and it was SO good. The icing was amazing and not too sugary or buttery, the cake was super moist and dense at the same time. It was perfection. My friend actually said she gave them out at her wedding as party favors..which leads me to the reason for this post. I cannot wait to have cupcake towers at our wedding!

Kyle and I both decided that we didn't really want a big cake. For one, he is diabetic so he wouldn't even eat it. Second, I have honestly never been to a wedding where I love the cake. It is really hard to get a cake that size to look AND taste good. I also feel like so much goes to waste and I really hate to waste food. So since I love cupcakes, we decided to have cupcakes at our wedding (plus a small cake for the cake cutting -which I think is super cute tradition). Cupcakes are a lot easier to eat while dancing too right??

I am thinking of having 4 different flavors -- and now I just have to figure out where we will get them from. Kyle's brother is in culinary school and going to help up with some of the desserts but I think it will be too much for him to make that many cupcakes in his house AND other things. So I am going to leave it up to him to make "other" things and outsource for the cupcakes. Can't wait to do some tastings!

creme brulee cupcakes!

sushi cupcakes - who thinks of these things??
how cute are these?
very pretty and simple
these look really cool

smores: also one of my favorites!