Friday, March 16, 2012

The Wedding Dress :)

Ohh my boards studying is in full swing. Which actually, doing it has been better than thinking about it. As as second year it looms over your head all year, but now that I am actually getting down to studying, it's not that bad. It basically is reminding me why I want to be a doctor in some ways, because you are seeing what you learned for 2 years and how you will have to put that into real live context and situations.. So I am kind of liking it. Nerd alert! Anyways I can say the one thing I DON'T like about it is all the time it takes away from other things..basically everything else. I have been able to do zero thinking about any more wedding planning. Except, I did start to think about getting my dress this summer!

Oh the wedding dress :) It makes me very excited, although to be honest it was not one of the first things of the wedding I thought about. It probably is the most important dress you will ever buy - because wearing it you will leave an impression lasting in your husband's mind of seeing you come down the isle, and all your friends and family's as well. Everyone always looks amazingly gorgeous on their wedding day, and I am excited to hopefully shine on mine. While I do have some ideas about what dresses I like, I am also very open minded because I haven't bought a dress like this since high school proms, and my style and ideas since then have changed. I will say, I love lace dresses though- whether the entire dress is lace or its incorporated into some part. I just think it is so romantic and form fitting and just so wedding day.

Since my grandmother told me she would pay for my dress (which is so amazing !!) I am looking for boutiques and stores near her house so that she can come see me try some on. However, I love the show say yes to the dress and I just think it would be so so fun to go to Kleinfields and make a fun NYC day out of it! I also think it might be a good place to start just because the huge amount of selection and styles they have. Plus, the consultants seem good at picking a style that you might not think of yourself. So, right now my mom and I (and whoever else wants to) are going to go on July 14th! So excited!