Monday, January 2, 2012

Will you be my....

We threw a brunch this past weekend for our friends we were asking in our wedding party. Our friends are so important to us, and we wanted to do something special and unique instead of just randomly asking them. I saw this idea on a blog a lonng time ago but saved it because I knew I really wanted to do it. Kyle and I had customized labels made and attached them to beer/wine of our choice for each friend. We ended up ordering these waterproof beer bottle labels that were stick on, so that it would look the nicest and be easy to do. I then make a pdf template of the images I saw before to be printed on the bottles. We had to take the labels to a print shop, although I learned you can print them right at home. Lastly, we went to the liquor store and picked out things that fit our friends. Some wine for a few or the girls, dogfish head beer for the rest. Kyle picked out Genisese for most of the boys (it's a funny joke) and a few tasty beers for the rest. For the brunch we cooked up some bacon, eggs, fruit salad, french toast cassarole, and picked up some bagels. We also made pitchers of mamosas! It was a really fun day to see all of our friends, and I think they all enjoyed it! Finally, we were able to officially pick our wedding party! We also decided not to do a best man or maid of honor. It was too difficult to pick and truly each person in our wedding is a best friend to us!

All the bridemaids! (Sad Jen and Kerry had to miss it!)
All the groomsmen!

 Miss Katie Gal!

She had one of my favorite shots. Her outfit really looked great with the bottle - plus she looks comfortably holding that beer haha.