Saturday, December 31, 2011


 The ultimate photographic camera will imprint a scene directly into a person's memory.

So whenever I have a break from school (such as Thanksgiving or the 2 weeks we had off for Christmas) I do a lot more wedding things. It is so much fun to keep thinking up new ideas and looking up things that we like - and during school I literally have no time to do a lot except browse for 5 mins here or there. So over the break I had been emailing lots of photographers and looking up blogs, facebook sites etc. The one photographer that I originally loved ended up moving to Australia with his fiance and was not sure of his plans around our wedding date. He did recommend someone that was similar to his style but after looking at his blog and seeing the people that he shot, Kyle and I realized that he was just not for us. His style and photographs were amazing but it just didn't say Shannon and Kyle. I had continued searching and emailed a few more photographers, some were already booked for our date (how crazy is that!), others were way our of our price range and ridiculously expensive (and not worth that money). Then we came across a blog that I had seen before somewhere....but loved every single picture on the page. All of the pictures told a love story and showed the emotion of the day. Each couple also shown through in the pictures, the picture didn't overtake the person - and all of them seemed different and unique. So I emailed the photographer and the email response I got back was so warm. friendly, and genuine - way more than any other email we had gotten back. I could already tell the vibe of this photographer and his wife was really something we were digging. They also worked exactly with us to fit our price range which I thought was so amazing- especially at hard money times like this.

So, Kyle and I decided to have a meeting with them, and instantly knew it's who we wanted. They were relaxed, really easy and fun to talk to, yet professional. We already started throwing ideas back and forth about the wedding day, and I could see he was just as excited to shoot us as we were to have him. I could see him around on our wedding day and literally we felt so excited as this opportunity to have our wedding day be captured with such amazing pictures!

So our photographer is Tyler Boye Photography. Here is his blog:
Truly amazing work!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Photographer Madness!

Hiring an amazing photographer is next on our list of things we really care about for our wedding. I am already obsessed with pictures and capturing moments/times to remember later on, so this was one thing for our wedding I am willing to spend a little money on. I know these pictures will last forever, and hopefully later in life we will be able to pass them down and share them with our kids, etc. I know that I am the kind of person that if we have great photos will display them all over the house and not tuck them away never to be seen. We also are debating on whether or not to get a videographer (I want one but it might be more than our budget) and at least we want pictures that can capture the moments and feelings if we cannot re-watch it later.

That being said, it is hard to find photographers! I seem to just be looking at what other people have chosen and comparing pictures of what I like and don't like. Also, really good weddding photographers are insanely expensive! We do have a budget and so now it is just the art of negotiating for what we can afford without losing the high quality that we want. Right now we have about 3 that seem really amazing, so hopefully we can go from there. It is going to be hard to make a decision though because I feel like there is always a feeling in the back of my head like what if our dream photographer comes along and we already have one booked! But I think you can think this way for every single thing about a wedding, so as long as my heart tells me this is awesome, we will go for it and not look back!

Here is an example of some pictures that I LOVE: