Monday, August 1, 2011

It Happened.

Well, it happened. July 22nd close to midnight. My green-eyed, dreamy Kyle asked me to marry him. I had been thinking abut what that would feel like for a year or so, as soon as college became a thing of the past, we had been living on our own for a while and friends were starting to get married. I knew I would be so happy and excited, but the amount of joy I felt at that exact moment was indiscribable. To be completely surprised by your best friend, love of you life, in the middle of an airport full of people, as he proclaims his love to you and asks to make you his forever is so so so amazing. I literally felt like I could burst with joy, and I don't think many more days can top this. After 9 years of dating and growing up and in love together, I am so excited and ready to continue our journey and get married. This is why I started this blog and where mine and Kyle's wedding story starts. :)

The proposal:
   I went to Cambodia for 3 weeks for a medical mission trip, which was the longest we have spent apart since college when I studied abroad in Australia for 6 months. It took me about 72 hours of traveling to get back to the US and during that time I had gotten pretty sick and was just so miserable. I knew Kyle would be picking me up from the airport though, so I was excited to see him. I first saw him holding up a "limo driver" sign with Lockwood written on it and thought that was so cute! However, it was 11pm at night and I was ready to get out there! For some reason Kyle looked so pale and clammy to me, and I kept asking him if he was having low blood sugars (when really he said he was just so nervous). I hurried us along to baggage claim and we stood at the belt waiting for my luggage. I continued to ask Kyle if he wanted to go sit down because he didn't look right, but he kept objecting. Thankfully, my bag was pretty close to one of the first ones out (hooray!). As I went to reach for it, Kyle's hand seemed to just come from behind me and grabbed it. I turned around and he was on the floor (aka on his knee but I thought was about to faint!). He then pulled out a ring box and I understood what was going on. He said some amazingly beautiful words (most of which I remember but I was in shock!). I was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy, I was crying and shaking. He could not have surprised me with a more romantic gesture and a more beautiful ring! My friend proceeded to take pictures of us in our state of shock haha. When we finally left the airport, Kyle had flowers and champagne waiting in the car while we called our families. I never thought Kyle would catch me so off guard and perform such a brave proposal. I would travel around the world again anytime for a welcome home like that!! <3

So lucky my friend happened to be with us to capture this memory.

We're getting married!!

Let the wedding (and future life) planning begin!! :) :)