Saturday, December 31, 2011


 The ultimate photographic camera will imprint a scene directly into a person's memory.

So whenever I have a break from school (such as Thanksgiving or the 2 weeks we had off for Christmas) I do a lot more wedding things. It is so much fun to keep thinking up new ideas and looking up things that we like - and during school I literally have no time to do a lot except browse for 5 mins here or there. So over the break I had been emailing lots of photographers and looking up blogs, facebook sites etc. The one photographer that I originally loved ended up moving to Australia with his fiance and was not sure of his plans around our wedding date. He did recommend someone that was similar to his style but after looking at his blog and seeing the people that he shot, Kyle and I realized that he was just not for us. His style and photographs were amazing but it just didn't say Shannon and Kyle. I had continued searching and emailed a few more photographers, some were already booked for our date (how crazy is that!), others were way our of our price range and ridiculously expensive (and not worth that money). Then we came across a blog that I had seen before somewhere....but loved every single picture on the page. All of the pictures told a love story and showed the emotion of the day. Each couple also shown through in the pictures, the picture didn't overtake the person - and all of them seemed different and unique. So I emailed the photographer and the email response I got back was so warm. friendly, and genuine - way more than any other email we had gotten back. I could already tell the vibe of this photographer and his wife was really something we were digging. They also worked exactly with us to fit our price range which I thought was so amazing- especially at hard money times like this.

So, Kyle and I decided to have a meeting with them, and instantly knew it's who we wanted. They were relaxed, really easy and fun to talk to, yet professional. We already started throwing ideas back and forth about the wedding day, and I could see he was just as excited to shoot us as we were to have him. I could see him around on our wedding day and literally we felt so excited as this opportunity to have our wedding day be captured with such amazing pictures!

So our photographer is Tyler Boye Photography. Here is his blog:
Truly amazing work!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Photographer Madness!

Hiring an amazing photographer is next on our list of things we really care about for our wedding. I am already obsessed with pictures and capturing moments/times to remember later on, so this was one thing for our wedding I am willing to spend a little money on. I know these pictures will last forever, and hopefully later in life we will be able to pass them down and share them with our kids, etc. I know that I am the kind of person that if we have great photos will display them all over the house and not tuck them away never to be seen. We also are debating on whether or not to get a videographer (I want one but it might be more than our budget) and at least we want pictures that can capture the moments and feelings if we cannot re-watch it later.

That being said, it is hard to find photographers! I seem to just be looking at what other people have chosen and comparing pictures of what I like and don't like. Also, really good weddding photographers are insanely expensive! We do have a budget and so now it is just the art of negotiating for what we can afford without losing the high quality that we want. Right now we have about 3 that seem really amazing, so hopefully we can go from there. It is going to be hard to make a decision though because I feel like there is always a feeling in the back of my head like what if our dream photographer comes along and we already have one booked! But I think you can think this way for every single thing about a wedding, so as long as my heart tells me this is awesome, we will go for it and not look back!

Here is an example of some pictures that I LOVE:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wonderful night filled with love and laughs!

"Love is just love, it can never be explained"


dressed to impress

Our smiles were pretty big that night!
 The engagement party was such a success! I seemed like every person had a great time, no matter what the age, etc. My godparents had their house beautifully set up for entertaining, and we added some decorative touches to make it unique. I made a banner and my brother and Amy gave us some of our engagement pictures in beautiful frames for displaying. Every single thing we ate that night was homemade! From the cookies that multiple friends helped create, to amazing bite sized desserts, to all the amazing finger foods that were passed around. Everything was perfect and Kyle and I has such a great night! The only thing we realized is how easy it is to separate from each other when having to mingle with all the guests - taking a note for our wedding so we do not leave each others side! We received many wonderful gifts and hope this was just the start to all the fun and amazing times we will have with our friend and family on this journey!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Engagement Party :)

Examples of the foods my mom is making!

Kyle's brother Mickey is baking amazing cupcakes!

Philadelphia Airport - Our engagement!
Our engagement party is this Saturday and we are so excited! It seems like everyone in both of our families are really looking forward to it - probably because we are both the first to have this!! My wonderful godparents are letting us use their beautiful home to have our families and some of our friends over for a cocktail party! My mom has been working non-stop to make this a great night, and I know it will be. I do feel bad that I am a little far away right now to help more, but she is doing an amazing job- Love You Mom!! Sometimes these things have a little bit of pressure with them, because you say to yourself, this is the only time this will happen! But I just want everyone to have a great time and enjoy each others company. It's not everyday that we are all together under one roof - and that is the very best part about Kyle and I being able to share our excitement with everyone! So we hope everyone is ready to have a good time, dance, mingle, and eat delicious food prepared by my mom, Kyle's mom and my godmother!! (They all made the cutest finger foods) Woo party time!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Date is Set!

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

We picked a date and place! Now I feel like wedding things are officially starting! We hadn't looked at that many places because I really did not want a "cookie cutter" place, so it knocked a lot of venues off the bat right away. I ideally wanted to do a tent wedding somewhere near the water, but after the hurricane that came this past September, we realized we did NOT want the weather to affect our wedding day that much because we can't control it at all! As soon as we visited Laurita Winery, we could picture our wedding day there. The building is just so beautiful and different, with a fireplace, exposed wood beam ceiling, and a really really cool bar. The sun sets right in front of all these floor length windows on the vineyard, it's just so pretty and special! I am so so excited that we are having our day there and that we were able to afford it :) 9.1.2013, you sound so nice.

Monday, August 1, 2011

It Happened.

Well, it happened. July 22nd close to midnight. My green-eyed, dreamy Kyle asked me to marry him. I had been thinking abut what that would feel like for a year or so, as soon as college became a thing of the past, we had been living on our own for a while and friends were starting to get married. I knew I would be so happy and excited, but the amount of joy I felt at that exact moment was indiscribable. To be completely surprised by your best friend, love of you life, in the middle of an airport full of people, as he proclaims his love to you and asks to make you his forever is so so so amazing. I literally felt like I could burst with joy, and I don't think many more days can top this. After 9 years of dating and growing up and in love together, I am so excited and ready to continue our journey and get married. This is why I started this blog and where mine and Kyle's wedding story starts. :)

The proposal:
   I went to Cambodia for 3 weeks for a medical mission trip, which was the longest we have spent apart since college when I studied abroad in Australia for 6 months. It took me about 72 hours of traveling to get back to the US and during that time I had gotten pretty sick and was just so miserable. I knew Kyle would be picking me up from the airport though, so I was excited to see him. I first saw him holding up a "limo driver" sign with Lockwood written on it and thought that was so cute! However, it was 11pm at night and I was ready to get out there! For some reason Kyle looked so pale and clammy to me, and I kept asking him if he was having low blood sugars (when really he said he was just so nervous). I hurried us along to baggage claim and we stood at the belt waiting for my luggage. I continued to ask Kyle if he wanted to go sit down because he didn't look right, but he kept objecting. Thankfully, my bag was pretty close to one of the first ones out (hooray!). As I went to reach for it, Kyle's hand seemed to just come from behind me and grabbed it. I turned around and he was on the floor (aka on his knee but I thought was about to faint!). He then pulled out a ring box and I understood what was going on. He said some amazingly beautiful words (most of which I remember but I was in shock!). I was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy, I was crying and shaking. He could not have surprised me with a more romantic gesture and a more beautiful ring! My friend proceeded to take pictures of us in our state of shock haha. When we finally left the airport, Kyle had flowers and champagne waiting in the car while we called our families. I never thought Kyle would catch me so off guard and perform such a brave proposal. I would travel around the world again anytime for a welcome home like that!! <3

So lucky my friend happened to be with us to capture this memory.

We're getting married!!

Let the wedding (and future life) planning begin!! :) :)