Sunday, February 19, 2017

9 Months.

You are 9 months young.

You are loving to eat all types of food and this week showed us that you love using your hands and want to feed yourself, even with your spoon.
You love your Momma and Daddy to pieces, and they love you fiercely back.
You want to climb on top of everything now and you are no longer crawling around the living room, you are all over the house.
You love Luna and her kisses, even though they gross Mommy out. 
You've been talking non-stop this week. Sometimes I think I understand you but I cant wait to hear all that you have to say.
You are sleeping wonderfully thought the night, and doing your bedtime routine is the most peaceful time in our day.
Your eyes light up doing anything daring now- swings, slides, riding toys with wheels. Your wonder and excitement of new thinks makes our hearts burst.

How did we have a world without you?
You are the blazing sun in our universe.
We can't remember when you didn't exist.
You've always existed. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Baby Ben's Nursery

Our baby boy is here! And actually almost a month old, time does fly by! He is the sweetest, cutest and (majority of the time) chill baby boy and we are totally obsessed with him. Pretty much typical new parents obsession with their child. Kyle and I almost daily look at each other and can't believe that he is ours, we are so lucky!

I wanted to do a post on his nursery, because it was such a FUN process/project during my pregnancy. I really started early and took our time with getting things done, mostly because I needed time for ideas to settle in and search for exactly what I wanted for him, and secondly because with our crazy schedules most things take some time.

The first step for me was to just get ideas for the overall feel I wanted for his room. I pinned a lot of baby nursery's, not for specific things but for the overall look and vibes. Here were some of my favorite pins.


I actually liked very neutral, bright, and airy rooms with a different twist to them. Not a big fan of super kiddo rooms. And for some reason I fell in love with elephant nurseries while pregnant.

I knew I loved the neutral and calming feeling of grey, whether we were having a boy or a girl. After picking out a grey color, I also thought it would be fun to have an accent wall. Especially since I was keeping it pretty neutral and after all this was a baby's room. I put several different paint samples on his accent wall and compared them with greys and ended up choosing this teal/turquoise color. It really popped next to the grey and was also not the standard "I'm having a boy so the room has to be blue" color.

I also knew I wanted white nursery furniture. I felt it went with the soft and neutral theme better than wood or darker pieces. So after the paint was up and furniture built, it was time for the more fun aspects - the details and decor! I honestly was initially looking for grey or white curtains, but when I came across the yellow and white rugby stripes on Joss and Main, I thought they would go perfect! I really loved them and the addition of more color options it gave us.

I wanted more sophisticated prints for the room, and fell in love with his map from Land of the Nod (Crate & Barrel for kids)! I thought it would be perfect above his changing table for baby to focus on. Hopefully in the future, we can add pins to places we've traveled together!

I found other prints online on either Pinterest or Etsy that I downloaded and put in all white frames. I also found a cute pillow that matched the yellow in his curtains from Marshalls.

The pouf was also a little splurge from CB2 that tied in the accent wall. I didn't even know what a pouf was before visiting a friend's house, but I think they are so artsy and baby boy can probably use it as a little seat when he's older.

His closet is also probably my favorite place, I loved that Kyle was able to paint this using the paint sample of the color we didn't pick for the accent wall. We added another level of shelving, because let's be honest, even though he's a boy he's going to have TONS of clothes. I found the clothing dividers by size on Amazon and they are super cute and helpful to have. Lately, we bought some shelving for the bottom of the closet, for more books and storage for this toys. Our plan eventually will be to get soft cubbie cubes for him to organize his things.

Overall, we absolutely love his room and how it came out, we hope he does too :). It was such a fun process to transform out tan, crappy office into a room for our beautiful baby boy. xoxo